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Vegetarian Restaurants

List of Vegetarian Restaurants

Loving Hut International Vegan restaurant & Cafe
Loving Hut, an international chain restaurants providing vegan food, is created with the loving, compassion and environmentally friendly concepts. There are around 30 Loving Huts in Taiwan and more than 220 Loving Huts in the major cities around the world. Each Loving Hut is individually owned, with the autonomy to choose its own menu, thus giving a distinctive difference among all of our locations.

Shanghai Vegetarian Restaurant
(Chinese version only)

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Italian Restaurants

List of Italian Restaurants

Domino’s Pizza
(Chinese version only)

La Giara

Pizza Hut

Pizza Pub (Sheraton Taipei Hotel)

(Chinese version only)

Tomatina Café (Imperial Hotel Taipei)

Toscana Italian Restaurant (The Sherwood Taipei Hotel)

Viola Restaurant (Brother Hotel)

Ziga Zaga Restaurant Bar Club (Grand Hyatt Taipei)
The most avant garde Italian restaurant/pub/club features live performances every night. Pizzas are made in the dinning room stone oven.

Taiwanese Cuisine

Soy Milk King of the World
284 Yonghe Road Sec. 2. Tel:+886 2 8927-0000.
Near the MRT Dingxi Station, located just outside of Taipei City, in Yonghe City. It’s the original “Yonghe Doujiang” (from which all other places copied), it’s open 24-hours and it’s cheap!Soy Milk King of the World

Tainan Tan-tsu-mien Seafood Restaurant
31 Huaxi Street. Tel:+886 2 2308-1123.
Legendary in the Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market (Snake Alley).

1, Lane 105, Zhongshan North Road Sec. 1. Tel:+886 2 2551-7957.
The most famous Taiwanese restaurant in Taipei, beside the Zhongshan North Road.

Shinyeh’s Table
2F 201 Zhongxiao East Road Sec.4. Tel:+886 2 2778-8712.
Near the MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, located right inside the Tongling Department Store. It’s the newest Taiwanese cuisine restaurant in Taipei. Menu has English.

French Restaurants

French Restaurants

French All Day Dining (San Want Hotel)
A modern European-style restaurant full of life yet offering a serene dining atmosphere. Awash with abundant natural light from the center venue, Papillon is a perfect place for the enjoyment of casual all day dining.
La Brasserie and Le Rendez-Vous (The Landis Taipei Hotel)

La Fontaine (Gloria Prince Hotel)

Le Bistro de L’olivier
(Chinese version only)

Paris 1930 (The Landis Taipei Hotel)

Rose Room (Brother Hotel)

Japanese Restaurants

List of Japanese Restaurants in Taipei

Mitsui Japanese Cuisine
30 Nong-an St. Tel:+886 2 2594-3394.
The best Japanese cuisine in Taipei.

Mei Guan Yuan
36 Emei St, Tel:+886 2 2331-0377.
Located in Ximending Pedestrian Area. This restaurant has served authentic Japanese sushi and sashimi since 1946. (Note there’s another restaurant opposite the road from this with exactly the same name – that’s the old location of this restaurant and doesn’t serve as good sushi.)

Shabu Sen
63, Minquan East Road, Sec. 1 (Tel:+886 2 2596-9568).
This place serves great Japanese/ Taiwanese style hot pot dishes. It is a family run restaurant. The environment is clean and refreshing. The owner Ms. Chiu hand picks her ingredients daily from the market. My favorite is the kobe beef pot and mushroom pot. The price is very reasonable with well selected ingredients. English menu available.

San Niu Da
An Rd, Sec. 1, Alley 169 #3 Tel: (02) 2708-3959
Fresh sashimi and tempura shrimp. Less expensive than most Japanese restaurants of this quality. Clean, comfortable environment.

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Chinese Cuisine

Tien Hsiang Lo
B1, 41 Minquan East Rd, Sec. 2. (The Landis Taipei Hotel). Tel:+886 2 2597-1234.
Authentic Hangzhou cuisine. Reservations are recommended.

Pearl Liang
2F, 2 Songshou Rd (Grand Hyatt Taipei). Tel:+886 2 2720-1200.
Offers unique, fresh, live seafood and dim sum.

Shang Palace
6F, 201 Dunhua South Rd Sec. 2. (Far Eastern Plaza Hotel). Tel:+886 2 2378-8888
Specialize in Cantonese and regional Chinese cuisines. Note: Dim sum is available for lunch only.

Din Tai Fung
194 Xinyi Rd Sec. 2 (Entrance of Yongkang Street). Tel:+886 2 2321-8928
Famous for its steamed pork dumplings. Worth a detour. Several locations in Taipei and worldwide. Gets very crowded even on weekdays so book in advance.

Peking Do It True
506 Renai Rd Sec. 4. Tel:+886 2 2720-6417.
This is the place to go if you crave good Beijing cuisine. Visitors may be surprised to see a large photo of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush on the wall, taken when he ate at the restaurant during his trip to Taiwan in 1994.

Yin-Yih Restaurant
2F 18 Jinshan South Rd Sec. 2. Tel:+886 2 2341-7799.
Dedicated to old style Yangzhou cuisine.

Shan Xi Dao Xiao Mian
2, Lane 118, Heping East Road Sec. 2.
Fuxing S Road, near Technology Bldg MRT station, is in an alley of Taiwan National University) Tel:+886 2 2378-7890. Serving knife cut noodles, which are known for their chewy texture. As the name suggests, a block of noodle dough is held and the noodles are cut straight off of the block. Cheap and very popular, but no English menus.

Yongkang Beef Noodle
17, Lane 31, Jinshan South Road Sec. 2. Tel:+886 2 2351-1051
One of the top-twenty beef noodle shops in Taipei.

Kiki Restaurant
28, Fuxing South Road Sec. 1. Tel:+886 2 2752-2781
Just Opposited the Breeze Center, This restaurant serves authentic Szechwanese peppery hot pot.

Top 5 restaurants in Taipei

Yamato Japanese Restaurant
Jinjhou St. #17 2531-7786
Open: 11.30am – 2.00pm, 5.00pm – 11.00pm
Nice Japanese restaurant with very good and fresh sashimi. Most of the dishes are fish but some small meat dishes like lamb chops are available. The menu is in both Chinese and English with pictures and the prices are reasonable. Count about NT$ 500 /person for a nice lunch or dinner. If alone, you can sit at the counter and enjoy the chefs slicing the sashimi. This restaurant is very popular among the locals so it’s recommended to make a reservation. English is little spoken.

KiKi Restaurant
Fuxing S. Rd. Sec. 1, #28 2752-2781 (three more restaurants in Taipei)
Open: Mon – Sat 11.50am – 3.00pm, 5.15pm – 11.00pm Sun 11.50 – 3.00pm, 5.15pm – 10.00pm
Traditional Shanghai cuisine in a modern venue with very friendly waiters! The menu is both in English and Chinese. The restaurant is very well known in the neighborhood yet, guests are happy to travel far to enjoy this food. Take away is an option.

Ju Ru Shanghainese Restaurant
Shifu Rd. #45, 4th fl (Taipei 101) 8101-8598 (three more restaurants in Taipei)
Open: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6.00pm – 9.00pm
One of the fine Shanghainese restaurants in town. Traditional menu which is both in English and Chinese, surprisingly the English among the waiters are very low. The food is cooked in a conventional way but served on modern white china. The tofu and the asparagus with mushrooms were especially good. The hot beef stew with yam tasted excellent but hard to eat since the sizes of the beef were big and had a lot of fat and skin left.

Zhongzheng Rd. #229-9, Danshui Township 2629-0052 (one more restaurant in Xindian)
Open: Mon – Fri 11.00am – 11.00pm Sat – Sun 11.00am – 12.00 midnight
The ambience is perfect, weather you like to sit outside under the trees or inside the huts with the breeze from the Danshui River! Actually you feel like you are in Hawaii with the waiters dressed in colorful shirts and yellow aprons and the English is good. The international menu is in English and Chinese. The presentation of the food and drinks is innovative and gives a feeling of luxury in this relaxed yet elegant atmosphere. Minimum consumption is NT$ 150/person. Prices are on the high-end.

Dongfeng St. #53 2706-2553
Open: 3.30pm – 1.00am
Fusion is the word! This small restaurant in the middle of a prestige area is a pleasant surprise. The ambience is modern, lot of glass, wooden tables, aluminum chairs and at the same time cozy. The menu is handwritten in English and Chinese and changes often, according to the owners. The presentation of the food – modern Chinese tapas – is unique and creative. Excellent for an after theater treat! Prices: Wine: NT$ 250/glass Food: about NT$ 300/dish.

Source: taiwan this month

Chinese Restaurants

List of Chinese Restaurants

Beijing Restaurants
King Join Restaurant
(Chinese version only)

Yuan Yuan (The Grand Hotel)
Intricate and elegant d0cor, small square tables and benches-this northern China restaurant serves mainly dimsum and noodle-dishes from the region.

Cantonese Restaurants
Chao Ping Ji (San Want Hotel)
Serving Chowzhou cuisine and dimsum.

Chiou Hwa (Gloria Prince Hotel)
Cantonese style delicacies with ingredients such as shark fin and grand abalone.

Kwei Hwa Chinese Restaurant (Imperial Hotel Taipei)
This proper Cantonese and southern Chinese restaurant is all elegance and bright lights.

Ming Court (Hotel Royal Taipei)
The head chef is very particular about the beauty of his food as well as his surroundings. Customers have a great view of Zhongshan N. Rd. through the wall of glass.

Plum Blossom Room (Brother Hotel)

The Dragon (Sheraton Taipei Hotel)

Yi Yuan (The Sherwood Taipei Hotel)

Hunanese Restaurants
Jily Restaurant
(Chinese version only)

The Peng’s Gourmet & Banquet
(Chinese version only)

Lao Dong Beef Noodle Restaurant
(Chinese version only)

Shanghai Restaurants
Dian Shui Lou

A new restaurant that combines yimcha and gourtmet foods. Head chef Chang Guoching has 20 years experience cooking at Dintaifeng.

Din Tai Fung

Dynasty (Caesar Park Taipei)

JADE-Shanghai Cuisine (Cosmos Hotel)

Liu Yuan (The Westin Taipei)
High-quality seafood and famous Shanghai dishes.

Shanghai Court (Grand Hyatt Taipei)

Tien Hsiang Lo (The Landis Taipei Hotel)
Refreshing Hong Province cuisine and West Lake delicacies.

Yangtse River (The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei)
Shanghai cuisine recommended by the elite and the stars.

Yunfulou Restaurant
Yunfulou offers Shanghainese cuisine and Cantonese dim sum. Located in the most bustling Eastern Center of Taipei City and the exit of Zhongxiao Fuxing Station of Nangang Line and Muzha Line, the 5-star design, economical prices and tranquility are really worth the value. It is surely the best restaurant in Taipei City and will give you pleasant memories.

Sichuan Restaurants
Fu Li Sichuan Restaurant
(Chinese version only)

KiKi Restaurant
(Chinese version only)

Shui Young Hall
(Chinese version only)

Taihodien Restaurant
(Chinese version only)

Taiwanese Restaurants
Chin Tein Restaurant (The Landis Resort Yangmingshan)

China Pa
(Chinese version only)
Cuisine, Wine, Cicar, Fusion, Jazz

Evergreen Restaurant
(Chinese version only)

Hai Ba Wang
Traditional Taiwanese flavors, mainly seafood.

Orchid Restaurant (Brother Hotel)
Regional popular dishes and mouth-watering seafood, all by low-fat cooking.

Palace Hall (Golden China Hotel)

Pearl Liang Chinese Seafood Restaurant (Grand Hyatt Taipei)
Fresh ingredients and creativity define this fine Chinese restaurant. The proprietess, Ms. Pearl Liang, combines her love of fine foods and antiques in this beautiful space.

Shin Yeh
If you are looking for a home-cooked Taiwanese meal but cannot find someone to cook for you, then Shin Yeh is your best alternative. Popular with Taiwanese diners, this restaurant is even busy during afternoon and late-night hours.

Tein He Restaurant (The Landis Resort Yangmingshan)

Tiffany’s (Caesar Park Hotel)

Tea Houses
Marshal Zen Garden
Marshal Zen Garden was bulit in the Japanese-colonized period of 1920′s. It was known for its hot spring and was once used as an entertainment hub for the Japanese Kamikaze pilots during the end of World War II. In the 1960′s, Marshal Zhang Xue-Liang and wife Zhao Di were confined here by General Chiang Kai-sheik. It is now a perfect get-away that offers fine dining, tea house and private hot spring rooms.

Ten Ren cha FOR TEA
(Chinese version only)
In order to popularize the trend of drinking tea and to provide a genuine environment for tea enthusiast, Ten Ren opened the cha FOR TEA aimed at the younger generation by combining youth, recreation, and a flourishing tea drinking culture.The cha FOR TEA developed unique flavors of tea-ware, tea desserts as well as tea flavors. The tea meals served at the tea shop are most exquisite. There are 8 tea shops presently operating in Taiwan. In addition to Taiwans market, Ten Ren has rapidly expanded overseas with branches opening in Los Angeles and Sydney. Moreover, Ten Ren has inked an exclusive licensing deal with Japans Sugakico Group for distribution in the Tokyo and the surrounding market.

American Restaurants

List of American Restaurants

(Chinese version only)


Front Page Bar (Imperial Hotel Taipei)

Golden Ear Restaurant (Gala Hotel)

HOOTERS of Taipei
(Chinese version only)
Several years age while playing Parcheesi at The Home for the Visually Offensive.

Ponderosa Steakhouse
(Chinese version only)

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Sonoma Grill (Imperial Hotel Taipei)

(Chinese version only)

T.G.I. Friday’s
(Chinese version only)


The Grand Garden Restaurant (Grand Hotel Taipei)

Trader Vic’s

Wang Steak
When you visit Taiwan, you can not help tasting the unique steak of Chinese flavor, with a special seasoning of Chinese taste in marinating for two days and two nights, by using a slow fire in roasting in the oven for one and half hour to perfectly present 17 centimeters of the bone length, the weight of 16 ounce of Wang Steak. (The Cats when performed in Taiwan in 2003, chosen as the steak restaurant in having the meal)

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